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When I was in college I was assigned the task of creating a personal “mission statement” in business ethics class. You’ve probably heard that term – mission statement – from businesses, or on a business website — every corporation should theoretically (if their CEO has been to business school) have a mission statement. Generally speaking, it is a brief one to two sentence statement that gives a clear picture of what the organization is all about.

Being the A+ whore that I am, I decided to elaborate on my mission statement and really think about the kind of person that I want to be. The following is what I came up with. And although this was over 10 years ago that I wrote this statement (it may have gone through a few modifications since then), I wish I could say that I’ve strictly adhered to it, but that is not the case. I should pull it out more often to remind myself that I can *try* to follow these guidelines. But I’ll admit, it’s not easy. But neither was hiking to the top of these mountains in Coorg, India, but it was totally worth it!

Coorg, India

Coorg, India

Personal Mission Statement

I must begin my mission and follow my mission, always keeping in mind how I want my mission to end.

To enhance my life with  excitement and fulfillment:

  • I will awake every morning only to be thankful that I have been placed on this beautiful planet where I can feel lucky enough just to be able to think, feel, laugh, cry, eat, smell, and breathe
  • I will take every moment and use it to create another moment and to always remember that each moment could be my last
  • I will learn something new everyday and try something new every chance I get
  • I will do everything — work, school, family, and play – with passion and courage, never halfway, but with every ounce of energy and enthusiasm within me
  • I will remember that I have control over my experiences and that I must seek everyday to make the most of those experiences
  • I will keep going and doing
  • I will remember to grasp every second of life, for it is so, so very short

To strengthen my personality and my effectiveness on others:

  • I will attempt to meet many different types of people, always keeping an open mind and  never holding prejudices
  • I will work to strengthen my confidence and self-esteem
  • I will always seek to be empathetic, honest, and loyal
  • I will keep in mind that I must trust and have faith in others
  • I will practice pro-activity and interdependence while holding to my central principles
  • I will provide direction, standards, and ethics for myself, which I will use to make effective decisions throughout my life
  • I will practice using analytical problem solving skills with logic, patience, intuition, and experience

To enable my body, mind, and conscience to be entwined as one complete being:

  • I will keep my mind clean, my body healthy, and my spirit lit
  • I will love as if I have never before been hurt
  • I will be courageous at heart and wise in mind
  • I will remember the past, but never dwell on it; anticipate the future, but never expect it; and live in the present, without opposing its reality

To fulfill my part in society:

  • I will encourage my friends and family to seek their goals and have faith in their abilities
  • I will give what I can and only take what I need
  • I will learn from my mistakes so I can make better decisions in the future
  • I will contribute my knowledge, abilities, and spirit to the rest of the world in every way possible
  • I will travel the world and learn about different cultures and use this experience to enhance my interactions with people
  • I will take my accomplishments and utilize them for the better good of society

Have you ever tried creating your own personal mission statement? It’s a great way to set some goals and make some improvements in your life. LifeHack has a good article to get you started.


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