Some Kind of Creed

I’ve learned some things over the last year or two. I want to share them.

  • There is good and bad in the world. Paying heed to the bad is a waste of time.
  • There is good in the worst of us but even in the best of us something terribly ugly can be found.
  • The world is shaped by thoughts. Really. It is. Choose them wisely.
  • Worrying accomplishes nothing. It’s best to be honest and do what you want to do. Emphasis on the “do”.
  • To understand yourself spend alone time with yourself, preferably outdoors.
  • Time goes slower when spending the day in nature. To prolong life, go outside.
  • Pay attention to what you see with your eyes closed. It is real.
  • Don’t turn away from perceived ugly – all things are filled with beauty and purpose. Even scary ocean things and dirty homeless people.
  • When you think of absolutely nothing, or attempt to, nice things spring to mind later on — helpful things.
  • If you travel far, you may miss your cat, but you won’t miss your possessions. They are not important.
  • To stop the negativity of others from affecting your own state of mind, put an end to it quickly – just switch the channel. It really is that simple if you notice it happening right away.
  • Nice friends can be found anywhere. Good friends are found by serendipity only. And a willingness to love.
  • Your mind does what your body does. This is subtle but potent knowledge.
  • Attachments (to ideas, things, people) ultimately lead to delusional thought. Hold on loosely. (Thank you, 38 Special and Bhagavad Gita.)
  • Breathe deep and even. If breaths are short, so is your temper. If breaths are deep, so is your patience level.
  • Smiling leads to laughter, laughter to fun and good memories. Seek out people and things to smile at.
  • Conquering small challenges, like Utthita Hasta Padangustasana, makes it possible to conquer anything.
  • Cloud watching is most effective when lying flat on your back.

cloud watching

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2 Responses to Some Kind of Creed

  1. Caroline says:

    Jami, this made me smile. I love reading your blog posts. I truly hope our paths will cross again in those dusty streets of Mysore, Love Caroline x.

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