n. 1. (Metaph.) One given to the introspective method of examining the phenomena of the soul.

In my own definition, being an introspectionist means:

Thinking to oneself, “Hey, where do I fit into all of this, and how does it all work?” and looking closely at what makes us and the world tick, hopefully uncovering something beautiful in the process.

Anyone who seeks truth can be an introspectionist.

About me:

I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing here on planet Earth. And I doubt you do either. I study yoga and try to enjoy nature. I grew up in the woods on a dirt road in the Appalachian mountains. Now I am in the Caribbean. I lived in different places in between. My birth certificate says my name is Jami. Nice to meet you.


The Casselman River near my hometown of Grantsville, MD


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  1. Hi Jami. I’m enjoying your blog! Let me know if there’s a way to follow via wordpress or e-mail updates… I hope you’re enjoying the class at Creative Nonfiction.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I added a little orange feed button at the top right, so you can subscribe there by clicking on that and picking the way you’d like to subscribe 🙂

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